Probably the result of a natural selection by the harsh climate of Norway, the Norwegian forest Cat (or Skogkatt) is a large semi-long hair cat with tall legs. 

 The stoutness

The Norwegian cat is high on his legs to avoid his abdomen being in contact with the snow. His forelegs are longer than his hind legs, a specific conformation to run and jump ... The adult male reaches between 6 and 7 kilogrammes. The female is smaller and her weight is around 4 kilos. 

 The fur

A medium-long hair cat with a woolly undercoat and a waterproof jar hair... an originality that is not found in another breed. The mouth of his ears is protected by long hair. Nature provides his coat  in all possible colors with the exception of cinnamon, chocolate fawn and lilac color and the"Siamese pattern".

 The head

His head is triangular with a straight profile and a strong chin. His eyes are large, slightly almond and slanted. His ears are an extension of his head, their outer edge is the continuity of a line from the chin which passes along the cheeks. 

 The temperament

It is a cat with a very pleasant temper, very "glue pot" and with a great stability of character. Quiet but still present, he gets along well with the various members of the family, children, other cats, dogs. He lives very well in a flat where he will not practice his climbing and jumping qualities. A cat tree is sufficient for his daily exercises. 

In nature, we can see him going down the trees head first, a specificity of the race. By his natural selection origin -without men intervention- the Skogkatt doesn't have any health problems.

Source : AID Skogkatt